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S.C.A.R.E. Social Chaos and Response Emergency Kits

Your Scare Kit is to help you escape or survive “People” and the chaotic events in which they cause– A small portable bag with just enough elements in it to give you just a second or two of advantage to escape and make it to a safer location.

What would you do if you were suddenly caught off guard…. away from your home and gear?


Think about the Reginald Denny scene during the LA Riots? What if you were suddenly surrounded by an angry mob ? What if you happened to be in the wrong neighborhood and happened to be the wrong race at the time? What about the tragic car accident four years ago in Austin, Texas? A man accidentally hit a small child with his car causing very serious injuries. When the driver and his passenger stopped and exited the vehicle to render aid, the passenger was brutally beaten to death and the driver barely escaped his life. The neighborhood locals swarmed them

The SCARE Kit and what is inside

While there may be some duplicate items, THIS IS NOT A “GO BAG”, OR AN EMERGENCY SURVIVAL BAG, OR BUG OUT BAG.

The key to the SCARE kit is… RAPID RESPONSE. These are things that you might want to have on you or nearby whole items YOU WILL NEED IMMIDIETLY when violence or chaos breaks out.

If you carry a brief case or a daypack, your SCARE kit should be small enough to fit inside, so that it can always be with you.

Don’t get hung up and how cool or tough your bag looks, it is just something to carry your stuff. It does, however, need to be convenient enough for you to actually have and utilize if needed.

SCARE bag contents:

Pocket Knife- OK, yes I teach knives…and yes I am very much ” a knife guy”….but even if I was not, this would still be one of the items at the top of my list. From cutting strips of cloths, making improvised traps, to cutting rope and wire, or even cutting your way out of a stucco wall, and most important, to defend yourself if attacked and save your life or the life of a loved one. A knife does not run out of bullets, does not jam, does not malfunction under water and…it does not make a loud noise and attract unwanted attention. Get a knife…and learn how to use it.

Fire- get a refillable butane lighter. They have many uses from needing to ignite a bottle filled with fuel used against an angry mob, to setting off a sprinkler or alarm to call for help. I personally use a Zippo becase they are able to stand up on their own with a flame, and I also have the one with the butane insert instead of the wick. So it will not dry up on me in the heat.

Trauma Supplies- during a mob or riot you may be struck, stabbed or even shot. You need a VERY basic first aid kit that can manage heavy bleeding

Communications- A cell phone is best, but in case of Network Failure or a “large scale” event, the phones may be turned off or unavailable as well.–look at Egypt in 2011 or Myanmar – where services of both phones and even internet we restricted. In additions, cell Phones and walkie-talkie type devices, Additional items may be flare-gun pens, whistles, signal mirrors, marine smoke markers, etc. Think about a hands free devise for your phone or 2 way radio, so you can move through a crowd with your hands free ready to respond to threats.

Earplugs- You may need to reduce the noise of “Social Chaos” a bit, like loud gunfire or loud chanting. It allows you to calm yourself to make clearer decisions. However you never want to eliminate sound completely – you don’t want to miss a potential threat or oncoming attack.

Bandanna / Head cloth- Many uses of survival here, anything from a breathing mask (especially dipped in water), or even to conceal your identity moving through a mob. Can even be used as an improvised “wick” to light a defense weapon like a Moltov Cocktail, or even a torch.

Breathing/Protection Mask- There are several types, from a painters dust mask to the “smoke hoods” you will find. They come in cans, pouches and other type devices. You may run into things like tear gas, smoke, toxic dust from debris from destroyed buildings or anything. If you cant breathe, you will surely start to panic and even die. Smoke kills more people than actual fires – something to think about.

Swimmers Goggles- A respirator or mask will help you breath, but you still need to be able to see. Swimmers goggles have a good airtight seal around your eyes to keep out gasses, liquids, smoke and even debris and they are very compact.

Swimmers Nose-plugs- Helps to keep out gasses out of nasal passages if using goggles or other devices.

Utility Tools- Something small that still has some strength, like a leatherman tool or any of the other brands. Should have basic knife, screw driver, and some type of plyers and / or wire cutter on it.

Window Breaker- These are small light weight devices that are very effective for breaking through a windshield or other glass. It is held directly up to a window – best in the corner areas of the window and pushed down with a button like motion. These window breakers are also known as automatic center punches.

Miniature Pry-bar There are some very cool pry-bars on the Market that can double as a weapon as well as a survival tool. The one I use in my SCARE Kit is the one by “Dead On Tools” and it is usually found in Home Depot. I have wrapped mine with paracord for the extra grip, but this is a very handy and serious tool. From breaching doors, windows, or locked areas to escape, it can be tied to a length of paracord and used as a mini “hook” like device as well as a very serious impact weapon if necessary.

The Pry bar I use when I am in “full gear” or “battle rattle” is the Pry bar made by TOPS. It has a great feel and even comes with a nice spice on the end, for anything from glass breaking to puncturing walls and assorted objects.

550 Parcord- There are ENDLESS uses for paracord, from tying your knife on to a stick to make spear, to hanging something in a tree, to making a friction saw to escape, to using it to tie up an enemy or even to fashion the deadly “garotte” – 550 cord is some of the most useful in the field supplies around.

Flexible Zip Ties: Can be used to secure a door, to tying down gear and also used as improvised handcuffs for restraint. Good stuff

Small Roll of Duct Tape – Endless uses !!

Security Badge- This is NOT for impersonating a Police Officer – in fact that is a serious crime. However if in a survival situation – imagine being surrounded by a group or angry mob. You pull out this badge and hold it up high and shout: everybody just needs to”BACK OFF” you are just leaving the scene an there will be no more trouble…No one has to go to jail. However if it is a group angry at Police or authoritative figures then this would NOT be advisable.

Trip Wire- Any military surplus store sells small rolls of trip wire. This has many uses for anything from rigging alarms to ambushes.

Roofing Nails- Some guys like to keep a match box or soap container with roofing nails. When thrown on the ground they have large heads so many stand up with point facing up. This would help in dark places when being pursued. I personally don’t carry these, but not a bad idea.

Door Wedge- I carry a heavy duty “door wedge” . Good for securing a door from unwanted entry or spitting large objects.

Universal Handcuff Key- In case you are ever illegally detained by handcuffs this is always a good suggestion. I also like having handcuffs as well – anything from detaining a bad guy briefly to securing a door/entry

Lock Pick Set- Learn to use them and be aware there are laws surrounding the carry of lockpicks

Distraction Devices- There are these small devices called “sonic grenades”, and they are “timmed distraction makers”. The one I have has 3 buttons for 5 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds delay. Great for anything like setting down behind a car or door to get someone distracted….even for just a moment to escape. I also have a blast with these around the house.

Navigation Equipment- Compass, map of local and freeway / GPS unit.

Disguise- Anything from an extra hat or beanie and sunglasses to a jumpsuit of a janitor type worker. A bright shirt dark extra shirt mybe, something just to change your immediate look if people are chasing you.

Emergency Cash- Always good to have a small roll of $20 bills just in case you need extra supplies or bribery on the way.

Small Firearm- Depending on your legal status or state of residency, nothing is a greater equalizer than a firearm. This is just for escape, not a full battle.

Water container- When on the run or during longer extraction periods, water will be a constant focus of survival. You are not going to need to carry a gallon of water , but maybe a small water bottle or container could be something to think about.

Lighting- A good small but strong flashlight can be the key to survival at night or in dark areas. Signaling to spotting – well needed.

The list is endless to the amount of items you can use. Think about what other items you may find useful and add them to your kit.

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